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10 Types Of Vacations That Bring You And Your Partner Closer

 10 Types of Vacations That Bring You and Your Partner Closer

If you want to create a stronger bond with your partner, think outside the box. Whatís more fitting than a vacation? These types of vacations do the trick.

Vacations do more than just give you a chance to relax and have fun. Theyíre also fun ways for you to connect with your loved ones. These 10 types of vacations are exactly what you need to connect more deeply with your partner.

For couples, vacations feel more intimate because itís just you and your partner. There are no work commitments or unwelcome guests. And you get to have sex.

Taking trips together isnít necessary when youíre just starting out as a couple. When youíve been dating for a while, itís only normal for you to plan a trip together.

Some refuse to do so, if their principles are set on not sleeping together until theyíre married. But most couples these days take every opportunity to spend time together away from their daily lives.

When you and your partner go on a vacation, you experience lots of new things and learn about the places you go to as well. Apart from that, you also discover new things about your partner. Putting yourself in atypical situations brings out a different side in you.

Spending time together, without any interruptions, also brings you closer. You talk more than you usually do, and you start to appreciate what youíve been missing out on.

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* Beach trips. Sound boring?

It depends on whether youíll spend it holed in your cabana or sleeping on the sand. Youíve got a great view, an array of activities, and the love of your life beside you. Boring? We think not.

You just need to make the most of your time because beach trips are few and far in between, unless youíre living next to one. If thatís the case, go to a beach in a different country. Itís worth the trouble, we promise.

* Hiking

The great outdoors, the sun on your face, the wind in your hairóI guess thatís a lot to ask in this day of excessive comfort, but it works. You and your partner spend as much time as possible with no hope of escape. The thrill of hidden bears and mountain lions spice things up as well. Weíre kidding. Maybe.

* Backpacking in an exotic country

Itís like an extreme version of hiking, only this time you and your partner carry huge loads on your backs. And sorry, girls. You canít ask your man to bring your bagóunless youíre that cruel.

Well, barring the agony of carrying your own luggage, backpacking in foreign countries is a great way to challenge your communication skills and experience a different kind of daily living. Experiencing this together helps you and your partner grow as a couple.

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* Cross-country road trips

Trapped in a car for X amount of hours? Sounds utterly romantic. But it works. You canít not talk, which means your communication skills will be more than honed on this trip.

Youíll see so many new things, and the achievement of finally arriving at your destination more than makes up for the tiring trip. Make sure your destination is worth it though. You canít end a trip on a sour note. Ever.

* Ghost-hunting

Not the real kind. Just go to a tourist trap where itís safe, and you canít ever encounter actual ghouls. Weíre not saying theyíre real, but itís better to be safe than possessed.

Itís a cool experience because itís thrilling, and you donít get to do things like that on a daily basis. A lot of people want to cross this off their bucket lists and this is your chance to do that. The best part is you can always go back to the fun memories you had where you took a trip, and, thankfully, didnít find Casper.

* Skydiving

Or any activity that could very well result in a gruesome death, but with insurance and highly-trained professionals at your back. This is the epitome of the physical thrill that you can experience in your relationship.

It brings you closer together because itís a totally unconventional thing to do. It also pushes you to test your boundaries. Having your partner there means you share this feeling and live with it for the rest of your lives.

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* Snowboarding or surfing

Any new sporting activity that requires you to leave your zip code is a great plan for your next vacation. Take classes together and experience the joys of wiping out together.

If thatís not a bonding experience, what else is? Aside from trying out a new activity, you and your partner can take advantage of the location and explore the heck out of it. Youíre already there anyway.

* Habitat for Humanity

Taking a trip to do something noble and good? An excellent plan. The feeling of giving something to the community, partnered with sharing the experience with a loved one, is one of the most rewarding things you can do. Not only did you help someone out, you also managed to grow together as a couple.

* Camping

This is hiking with the walking and backpacking without the hostels. It is arguably the most efficient way to spend a vacation and it costs almost nothing too. You get the communication deal and working in the woods *even if itís just to start a fire with some gas and a lighter* can be a really good bonding experience for couples.

The quiet environment and the change of pace is refreshing as well. With that kind of setting, you and your partner are sure to grow closer and more outdoorsy.

* Staycations

If you donít have the budget or the time, holing up at your place can still be an ideal vacation. Just lock the world out by turning your gadgets off and leave the phone off the hook.

Well, youíd need to stream to get Netflix, so maybe not all the gadgets. Cook something together, listen to music, dance, and all for the price of nothing. Considering all that you must go through just to get out of the house, this might just be the best option out there.

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