10 Best Strategies To Help You Lose Face Fat

10 Best Strategies To Help You Lose Face Fat

Chubby cheeks and dimple chin might make you your teacher’s pet in childhood, but do not look good as adults. Excessive face fat not only is unhealthy but also makes you look older, way beyond your years. It can be extremely frustrating, especially for women, as certain accessories, garments, and makeup types might not suit you if you have excessive face fat.

The best way to prevent excess face fat is to maintain a healthy weight and exercise regularly. A healthy balanced diet and proper cardio exercise routine will go miles in enhancing your facial beauty and help you get rid of those bulging cheeks and double chin !! So, if your face looks slimmer and smarter, people will instantly notice the positive change and send compliments flowing your way.

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* Consume A Balanced Diet:

Consuming a healthy balanced diet is vital for good health. A proper food regimen not only helps you lose weight but also keep you energized throughout the day. Consume your meals at the right time of the day to ensure proper digestion. If required, consult a dietician and prepare a healthy diet chart.

Include plenty of fresh fruits and leafy vegetables in your diet, at least 1-2 servings per day. Ensure that your meals contain all the food groups, fiber, carbs, protein, fat, vitamins, and minerals in adequate quantities. A healthy diet ensures the maintenance of healthy body weight and prevents the accumulation of face fat.

* Drink Plenty Of Water:

Keep yourself well hydrated throughout the day. If you drink a glass of water before meals, it makes you feel full and thereby reduces your overall calorie consumption. This might lead to gradual weight loss both overall and from the cheeks. Studies have shown that water consumption also leads to an increase in fat breakdown, thereby mobilizing excess fat deposits in the body, hence promoting fat loss. Drinking water is also known to increase the metabolic rate by 24%, thus increasing the calorie burnout. Make sure that you drink at least 8-12 glasses a day for positive results.

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* Maintain A Regular Exercise Schedule:

The most effective way to reduce excess fat on the face is a regular exercise schedule. Daily workouts increase blood circulation and help to burn fat faster. Certain studies have shown that performing high-intensity cardio exercises have been proven to burn fat more quickly than other types of activities. Some of the typical cardio exercises are running, biking, and swimming. Hence, overall weight loss will lead to a slimming effect on the face. If you want to lose fat from the areas around the eyes specifically, then keeping the eyes closed, gently look up and down slowly. Repeat this exercise several times. You can lie flat on a bed raise your brows as high as possible, keeping the eyes open. Then bring them down to normal position. You can repeat this exercise ten times.

Following these exercise tips regularly will help you cut down your face fat quickly and enhance your beauty.

* Get Adequate Sleep:

All work and less sleep make Jack a dull boy! If you are not getting enough sleep for various reasons, your body is likely to have a slower metabolic rate. It also leads to higher levels of cortisol, which causes a lot of side effects, including weight gain. Sleep affects certain hormones in the body which regulate hunger and satiety. Reduced sleep increases the hormone ghrelin and increases appetite while reducing the levels of leptin, which is the satiety hormone. Hence, the tendency to overeat increases, thereby increasing face fat too. Therefore, make sure you get your 7-8 hours of beauty sleep every day!!

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* Chewing Gum:

It is one of the ways to keep working your jaw and your facial muscles to cut down facial fat. It does not give instant results but might give the face a slimmer appearance over long periods. But ensure that you do not get addicted to it. Chewing gum excessively may lead to serious dental problems. Make sure you eat a sugar-free variety to cut down face fat, for a limited period every day.

* Decrease Your Consumption Of Fat And Processed Foods:

Processed foods and foods high in refined sugars are incredibly harmful to your health. They cause sharp hikes in blood sugar and cause you to overeat. Processed foods do not contain any essential nutrients or fiber and are high in empty calories. They might cause a drastic increase in weight if consumed regularly and excessively. Some of the examples of processed foods are readymade pasta, noodles, white sugar, bread, chocolate syrups, and jams, etc. Cut down on these harmful foods and notice a positive change in your body gradually.

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* Curb Your Salt And Sugar Intake :

Do you want to know how to reduce face fat fast? Avoid eating salt and sugar in excess. Increased salt intake leads to overall water retention in the body and causes puffiness in different parts of the body, including the cheeks and face prominently. Most snacks available readymade has a high salt and sodium content, hence prefer healthy homemade snacks like a handful of nuts or fresh fruits over the processed ones.

Sugar contains empty calories and does not have much nutritive value. Readymade juices and sweet snacks have high sugar content and are harmful to your health. Cut down on all sugary drinks and sodas if you want to lose that double chin fast.

* Reduce Your Alcohol Intake :

A lot of times, it has been observed that alcohol intake is associated with increased chances of dehydration, which in turn prompts the body to retain more water. It might lead to facial puffiness and make you look bloated. This is also a source of empty calories and leads to quick weight gain without adding any nutritional value. It is known to promote weight gain around the face too.

Research has also shown that alcohol suppresses satiety hormones, thereby increasing your chances of overeating and weight gain around the face. You should avoid drinking and smoking if you want to shed those extra pounds off your face. Smoking also increases ageing on the face, reducing your youthfulness overall. If you are struggling to lose that facial fat, better cut back on the alcohol to achieve faster results!

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* Blow Balloons:

Balloons add colour to not only your birthday parties but also the strength to your facial muscles if you blow them up. Blowing balloons stretches and works out your facial muscles and is a proven technique to reduce face fat. The next you host a birthday party, make sure to blow up some extra balloons !!

* Keep Smiling :

Smiling frequently is the easiest and the best workout you can give your facial muscles. It tones and strengthens the facial muscles and trims down cheek fat quite effectively. Plus, you have the added benefit of brightening up everyone’s day around you. So smile away !!

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