Things To Keep In Mind Before Getting Hair Extensions

Things To Keep in Mind Before Getting Hair Extensions
Hair extensions may be a temporary, instant solution, but if you thinking they’re aren’t mistaken, you clearly don’t enough about them to get it done. Not only are they heavy on the pocket, but if not done correctly, they can take a toll on your natural hair. Going back to your regular hair length would just doing away with all the time and money you spent on those enviable long locks. Hence, hair extensions should be an informed decision. Ahead are some things you MUST know if you’re thinking of getting hair extensions.
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Consult an expert

Allow us to reiterate to make a point – hair extensions are expensive. Hence, it makes complete sense to get a thorough consultation of your hair before jumping on the bandwagon. The correct hair dresser will take into account the length of your natural hair, its texture and hair before guiding you to pick the correct hair extensions that will blend effortlessly.

Opt for the highest quality hair

When getting your hair extensions done, you need to steer clear of the badly made hair extensions. The correct ones should blend easily with your natural hair. Good hair extensions are usually protein-infused and super soft to touch and easily to style. Of course, they might cost higher, but that’s a price well worth to be paid.

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Find an application process that works for YOU

Hair extensions can be applied in many different ways, all depending on the type of hair you have and how long you want them to last. If you’re looking for instant ones, clip on extensions are perfect. If you want the hair extensions to last for a month, tape-in extensions would work well. Micro-rings last about 3 months. Weaves are meant for thick, coarse hair. Before picking the one you like, thoroughly research about all these types of extensions.

Style them carefully

Hair extensions may not be your natural hair, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t practice restraint while styling them. Over styling extensions can easily turn them, dry and frizzy. Additionally, unlike regular, natural hair, hair extensions also need more moisture. So stock up on all the moisture.

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