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Few Of The Health Benefits Of Capers For Our Body

Few Of The Health Benefits Of Capers For Our Body

Few of The Health Benefits of Capers For Our Body
Technically speaking, capers are flower buds that are harvested from a bush called Capparis spinosa. The plant also known as Capers, Cabra, caper Bush, Capparis rupestris, caper, Cappero, Caprier, Caprier Épineux, Capre, Caprés, Fabagelle, Himsra is a perennial plant that bears rounded, fleshy leaves and large white to pinkish-white flowers. The plant is thrives across Mediterranean rim mainly from Spain to Israel. The salt water tolerant plant can survive and even flourish in extreme drought. Normally it prefers warm, humid climate and grows in abundance all over the Cyprus, Italy, Greece, North African and some Asia Minor regions. Capers are often used as a seasoning and are usually consumed pickled. Apart from that other species of Capers are also picked along with C. spinosa for their buds or fruits. Other parts of Capers plants are used in the manufacture of medicines and cosmetics.

Capers are scrambling, sprawling, spiny, evergreen shrub that grows well in warm humid climate throughout the world. Leaves are small, 2 inch long, round to ovate, dark green, semi-succulent and are evergreen. Leaf stipules develop a pair of sharp hooked spines at the base of each leaf petiole. Hands are easily scratched when collecting capers and clothing may catch on the hooked spines when brushing up against a shrub. The shrub begins producing flower (caper) buds from the third year of plantation. As mentioned before, capers are unopened flower buds of the Capparis spinosa plant. Flower buds are picked just before opening when still tight, washed in salt water to remove sand, dried, and finally salted down or pickled in vinegar. Buds are often picked daily because the youngest buds have the best quality.
* Good for Diabetes

Capers are quite beneficial for people suffering from diabetes. Research has shown that Capers have substances which have beneficial effects for people suffering from Diabetes.

Capers help to reduce the high blood sugar levels, high cholesterol levels and correct the functioning of liver in Diabetic people. Capers reduce the levels of triglycerides in Diabetic people. They also showed no side effects on kidneys and liver.

* Good for people aiming for weight loss

If you want to lose excess body weight, you need to maintain a diet low in carbohydrates and calories. You also need to incorporate a diet rich in fiber that helps in making us satiated for a long time.

Capers are a perfect combination of high fiber content and low calories. They are really good for people wanting to shed extra pounds from their body.
* Lowers cholesterol

Cholesterol like LDL and VLDL, triglycerides in excess amounts can damage our body and causes diseases of the heart, brain, etc. Capparis spinosa or capers extracts have shown to reduce the levels of all these harmful lipids in the body as per a research study.

* Healthy Bones

Capers consist of good amount of Vitamin K that helps to increase the density of your bones. It help to lowers the chances of bone related issues such as osteoporosis, arthritis etc. which happens due to reduction in bone density.

* Protects from harmful ultraviolet rays

As we all know that UV rays can even lead to skin cancers like melanoma. Certain compounds in capers have photo protective properties. They protect us from harmful UV rays and reduce the redness or erythema of skin caused by UV rays. Used it frequently to get benefited.

* Protects from allergies

Extracts of Capparis Spinosa or capers have also shown anti-allergic effects. Allergies can cause symptoms ranging from mild skin irritation of rash to life-threatening bronchospasm or constriction of bronchus and shortness of breath.

* Prevent Cancer and Skin Ailments

Caper consists of good amount of useful flavonoids like rutin and quercetin which makes it beneficial in preventing cancer and skin ailments. Capers are also good source of Vitamin E that helps to maintain the uniformity of the cells contained by the mucus membrane. People who are suffering from serious skin disorders such as eczema; psoriasis etc. gets benefited by this wonder fruit.

* Boosts immunity

Capers were studied for their ability to boost immunity. As per the study conducted on certain animals, capers enhanced the immunity levels and made the animals very strong and capable of fighting infections.

Extracts of capers have increased the phagocytic activity in these animals. Phagocytes are the cells which engulf harmful microbes like bacteria. They also encouraged the action of cytokines, which are very important immune modulatory substances. People consuming capers frequently will surely enjoy a strong immune system and good overall health.

* Helps in Digestion

Capers are loaded with fiber that helps in weight management and supports digestion. Numerous types of chronic digestion issues like constipation are easily cured on consuming this amazing fruit. It eases the movement of bowel in the body and its elimination from the body.

* Moistens Skin

Regular Intake of capers in your diet is considered to be good for your skin. This provides moisture to your skin and gives relief from dryness and other related dry skin problems.

* Treats anemia

Anemia is the lack of sufficient hemoglobin in the blood. This leads to excessive tiredness, fatigue if mild and shortness of breath and even heart failure if very severe.

Capers consist of good amount of iron which promotes the formation of hemoglobin in the body and cures anemia. They also have vitamin C which enables the absorption of iron from the alimentary system.

* Help in relieving congestion

Many people suffer from excess production of phlegm or mucus which gathers in the chest and respiratory passages. This leads to chest tightness, pain in the chest, etc. Capers make the respiratory tract healthy, get rid of excess mucus or phlegm and relieve the congestion.

* Stronger Teeth

Capers have been an excellent source of various minerals such as iron, copper, calcium and sodium. Calcium is very beneficial for preserving the density of bones and teeth in your body. Consumption of capers keeps your teeth strong and healthy. Problems like tooth decay, broken and brittle teeth, swollen gum and other tooth issues can be easily avoided with regular consumption of this fruit.

* Anti-Ageing

Capers are a powerhouse of antioxidants they help to get rid of aging symptoms like wrinkles, fine lines and looseness of skin. These radicals initiate oxidization reaction in the body and destroy the tissues and cells. It throws out harmful elements and toxins from the body to avoid the occurrence of skin disorders.

* Good for Eyes

Capers consist of good amount of vitamin A that is considered to be very beneficial for healthy vision. It also helps in treating eye problems and associated cancers.

* Get rid of flatulence

Improper digestion leads to excess production of gas in the intestines. This excess gas is released out like flatus. Flatulence can be a really awkward problem. It makes us lose self-confidence when we are out in amongst the people. Capers improve digestion, maintain the health of digestive tract and help us to get rid of flatulence.

* Reduces Skin Disorders

Capers are enriched with Vitamin E and antioxidants, capers show calming action towards a wide range of skin disorders like irritation, rashes, acne, redness, pimples and inflammation. Because of this it is one of the special ingredients in variety of skin care and cosmetic products.

* Healthy Hair

Capers consist of good amount of Vitamin B and iron which makes it one of the most advantageous fruit for promoting hair growth and prevention of hair loss. Vitamin B is very essential for ensuring adequate and smooth flow of blood in the scalp. This makes hairs roots, hair strands and scalp strong, healthy, shiny and nourished.

* Relieves constipation

As we have mentioned before, Capers are a rich source of fiber. The fiber in the diet is totally essential for maintaining a healthy digestive system. Lack of sufficient fiber in the diet leads to constipation which is very troublesome.