11 Vastu Tips For Attached Bathroom And Toilet

11 Vastu Tips For Attached Bathroom and Toilet
Many troubles and issues are invited by vastu non compliant bathrooms and toilets.Here in this section, I have listed the most common – but in no way painless – troubles and issues which find their way in if the toilet/bathroom of your home doesn’t comply with vastu rules and guidelines.

Remember that many people have already faced these problems and there are many others who are still being grinded by them. This section of the article reveals to you the best vastu tips, location, wall colors, internal arrangement of items and much more in a bathroom while complying with the rules and regulations of vastu shastra.

Making an attached toilet a vastu compliant one is a three step process. In the first step you will learn the best location, as per vastu, where you can make a toilet or bathroom in your home.ince you have seen the image and understood that the best location for a toilet or bathroom is the North-West part of the home (not the North-West corner), see carefully that I have left the corners in the image.

The second best location for a toilet is the North-East part and not the North-East corner, and the South-West part leaving the South-West corner, you are now ready for the second step in making a vastu compliant toilet.

The second step is to identify the internal arrangements of items such as geyser, bathtub, taps, mirror, commode etc. in an attached bathroom.To make this process simpler, I have created another image which tells you the best possible arrangements of essential items and fittings in a bathroom.

vastu tips,vastu for bathroom and toilet
* Water closet (commode) should preferentially be aligned to North-South axis in toilet.

* Build toilets in West or North-West side of north of a room depending upon whether toilet is with bedroom or separate.

* Toilets can also be constructed on South side.

* Place commode inside the toilet in West, South or North-West side of West.

* Fit the pot, in toilet, in such a way that while using the commode the person never faces East or West.

* Construct toilet 1-2 feet higher than ground level.

* You can have entrance door of the toilet on East or North wall.

* The flooring of toilet should slope towards East or North so that water drains from these sides.

* Store water, taps etc. in East, North or North-East.

* Color walls of toilet as desired, but prefer light colors.

* Provide a small window in the toilet in East, West or North wall.

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