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A totally doable detox with re energizing, radiance-boosting results. Feel that? That’s your senses coming alive as warmer, brighter days replace the bitter-dry
remains of winter. Spring has officially sprung. And with the blooming florals and lush green
grasses comes a renewed sense of vitality and the possibility of a fresh start. Springtime is
all about new beginnings, which makes detoxing the perfect way to welcome the season. The health equivalent of decluttering your closet and sweeping dust bunnies, a thoughtful detox
works to cleanse and re-energize the body and mind. After months in hibernation mode,
feeling sluggish and heavy from the winter blues, deprived of sunlight and the outdoors,
take this transitional moment to effectively reboot your system, reevaluate your habits and
defog your brain. During winter, we tend to overeat rich, heavy foods because this is when
our bodies crave sustenance—a survive-the-cold instinct. Now it’s time to shed that winter coat,
eliminate toxic buildup and beach-ready our bods in the process. Infuse your day-to-day routine with these detox-focused tips to facilitate healthy cleansing
with balanced, mood-boosting effects and beautifying results. WORKOUT-SIDE. Create an achievable, yet robust exercise schedule complete with daily
physical activity, stretching and breathing. If you’ve been cooped up in the gym, make it a
point to get outside. From nature hikes to bike rides, going au natural unleashes tons of
feel-good perks—such as vitamin D rays, which brighten our moods, help our bodies absorb
calcium and reduce inflammation. Embracing open, outdoor air decreases stress hormone
levels while perking up energy in the brain (like a cup of coffee), and some studies show that
natural scents like roses, freshly cut grass and pine make you feel calmer and more relaxed. MORE WATER. When it comes to flushing your system, water is essential. As H2O enhances
the body’s detoxification process, it replenishes the skin, revs up your metabolism and keeps
you from overeating (often, feelings of hunger serve as signs of dehydration).
Make a commitment to staying hydrated, drinking 13–15 cups of water throughout each day.
When you’re after something to complement pure water, sip on herbal teas or warm water with
lemon. EAT DETOXIFYING SPRING FOODS. Support your body’s revitalization by loading your diet
with nourishing, yet simple foods. Mix fresh local greens, loaded with enzymes, vitamins and
minerals, with essential produce such as carrots and cucumbers. Fiber-rich ingredients promote
healthy digestion and increase the body’s ability to rid toxins—great options include lentils,
beans, collard greens, grapefruit, asparagus, broccoli and cauliflower. Such easy, yet impactful
combinations will ignite your cells with nutrients. Let them work their magic. And of course,
eliminate processed foods, which are packed with harmful chemicals and sugars. Try not to
eat after 7 pm, allowing your body to fully recover when you sleep. By allowing your stomach this
time to process, you give it the space it needs to produce all your feel-good chemicals and healthy
hormones—instead of digesting your late-night meal and waking up with a food hangover. DAILY FASTING. Accelerate the process with intermittent fasting. An everyday practice,
this fasting technique increases fat loss while also improving health and simplifying the detox
life. What is it? Intermittent fasting (nicknamed IF) is a lifestyle pattern that cycles between
periods of fasting and eating with an eating window of 8 – 12 hours. For best results, avoid
scheduling meals near bedtime and ensure the body has ample opportunity to heal and recover
when fasting/exercising is in full swing. BRUSH OFF. For a sunbeam-spring glow, dry brush before your morning shower. Brushing
awakens and stimulates the skin and helps keep the skin’s pores clear, thus supporting the
body’s ability to perspire freely—this is important because if the skin’s pores get clogged, and
the body can’t perspire freely, waste gets backed up. MORE SLEEP. LESS STRESS. Dedicate at least 7 hours each night to sleeping and make a
conscious effort to destress. Tiredness and crankiness are both responsible for higher cortisol
levels, a stress hormone responsible for retaining unwanted fat. THE DETOX DOSE. Nothing kicks a detox program into high gear like the power of infrared.
As infrared heat gradually increases your blood circulation, vibrating molecules loosen
deep-stored toxins through sweat, pushing out heavy metals, radiation, environmental pollutants,
fat, cholesterol, alcohol, nicotine and more. In addition to purifying your system, infrared will also
enliven your state of mind—elating your mood with feelings of happiness and lightness while
boosting creativity and productivity. Come by 3–4 times per week, scheduling the sauna sessions
between workouts for maximum impact.
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