Learn About The 25 Qualities Of A Good Teacher

Learn About The 25 Qualities of a Good Teacher
Are you desiring to pursue a teaching career? Probably, you have been inspired by one of your professors when you were still studying so you want to follow his/her footsteps. It is true that mentoring young minds is not just about providing them with academic lessons but also influencing them to become good citizens.

If you want to be the best educator that you can be, then start by learning about these qualities of a good teacher first.

Has a mastery of his/her lessons

Teachers must not be just a chapter ahead of their students. They need to have expertise in the courses/subjects they handle, meaning these should be part of their specialization.

Well-prepared for every session

Good teachers value excellence in their profession starting at the preparation of the lessons. From the materials to be used down to the evaluation of the students’ learning, everything must be well-planned and properly executed.

Does not show favoritism in class

Teachers must have no partiality in treating their students because it will affect the learners’ trust towards them. They should provide everyone with equal opportunities to participate and be reinforced.

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Does not spoon-feed the lessons

Now, teachers are expected to be facilitators of learning—not just lecturers. Meaning, instead of discussing everything by themselves and just instructing the class to read books, teachers must come up with experiential activities that will allow students to learn by self-discovery or realization.

Is a role model in punctuality

Good teachers are role models. If they want their students to come to class early, then they should avoid coming late as well.

Transparent in how grades are given

To guarantee that all students receive the grades they deserve, teachers must be transparent with their grading system. Also, the students and their parents should be welcomed—even encouraged—to check their class records.

Knows his/her students by heart

Since they will be with their students for at least a number of months, teachers must make an effort to know them each. They should not only memorize their names but even find out their personalities and backgrounds as well.

Has a sense of humor

Teachers who are witty and can make their students laugh are not a bore. They have a better chance of keeping their learners’ attention and keep the discussion interesting.

Strict with following rules

Whether in implementing the complete uniform regulation or just observing the classroom cleanliness, teachers should not tolerate violators. As mentors, they must make the students understand the importance of discipline and submitting to authorities.

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A good listener

Good teachers listen to the opinions and ideas of their students and commend them for sharing.

Considerate towards the students

Before deducting points and embarrassing students immediately, teachers must first check if their reason for failing to comply with a requirement is legit. Also, before bombarding them with numerous projects, bear in mind that they have other subjects too.

Acts as a counselor

Teachers are meant to guide their students emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually too. Therefore, they should let their students know that they can be approached if they need someone to talk to.

Approachable and friendly

Yes, it is necessary to be strict when it comes to following rules, but effective teachers do not make their students uncomfortable. Students can learn easier if they can approach their teachers whenever they have questions and clarifications without the fear of being scolded.

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Incorporates values in lessons

Teachers must not only teach knowledge but good values as well. They should be able to relate lessons to daily lives and make the students understand that they learn them to be better citizens.

Motivates the students to be excited in their studies
Good teachers have the ability to inspire their students to value education.

Can adapt to changes in the learning environment

Since the educational system is dynamic, teachers should be willing to change their teaching strategies and upgrade their facilities in order to maximize their students’ learning.

Is able to make classes interactive

A student-centered learning environment encourages the students to do the talking, so teachers need to find ways to encourage everyone to participate.

Admits mistakes

Teachers are not perfect—the students know it too. Actually, they tend to respect more the teachers who can admit their errors and accept corrections. It means they value their students’ learning more than their pride.

Gives feedback

The teachers who are intentional in making their students learn will have the patience to give feedback to each of their students’ class performance or output.

Can implement discipline without demoralizing the students

They can give disciplinary actions to students for misconducts without demoralizing them by shaming them in front of the class or using degrading words.

Does not compare students or sections

Students hate it much when their teachers compare their class to another, or when students are being compared. Really, this is not an effective motivation to make anyone improve.

Makes sure no one is left behind in the class

Good teachers understand that not all students are fast learners. For this reason, they vary their teaching strategies to cater to all learning styles and levels.

Appreciates in public

They praise the students who perform well or participate in class to encourage them to keep going. This boosts the learners’ self-esteem.

Corrects in private

To correct misbehaviors, teachers must not shame the students in front of their classmates. Rather, they call their attention and talk to them in private.

Is a role model in real life too

Teachers who consider their job as their calling wear their profession even outside the school. They apply the values they teach their students in real life.

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