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How Does Fasting (Roza) Affects Human Body, Is Fast Useful For Health?

Every year millions of Muslims fast from sunrise to sunlight. In recent years Ramadan falls in the summer season in the north of the world, when there are heat in many parts of the world and days are tall.Fasting can be longer than 20 hours in northern countries like Norway. Is it useful for health and if you think the wire does so for 30 days then what effect can your body have?

The Most Difficult Time, The First Two Days


Technically your body remains in normal condition for eight hours of fasting. This is the time when the food contained completely becomes digestive. After that the body starts using sources of liver and muscular glucose. When this storage is over then the body uses the melting of the fat to absorb the fat.
The use of fat stored in the body starts reducing weight, cholesterol reduces the amount of diabetes and reduces the risk of diabetes.But with this, sugar decreases in the body due to a feeling of weakness and fatigue. In addition, there may be complaints such as headaches, headaches, nausea and respiratory illness.This is the time when it starts feeling hungry.

03 to 07 Day - Lack of Water


When the body becomes accustomed to fasting, then it begins to melt the fat and make it glucose, so water should be consumed in excess because of fasting, because sweating in the body reduces the body's lack of water-de-hydration.During this period, your diet should include 'energy-rich' foods, such as nutritious foods and fat. It is important that the food remains balanced and it contains the joints, salt and water.

08 to 15 - Becomes a Habit


The fasting of the body begins in the third phase, the mode begins to improve. Dr. Rezeen is associated with anesthesia and Intensive Care Medicine in Leading Cambridge. They say that there are more benefits besides this. 
In general life, we use more calories daily, which can not get the proper time for other essential work, such as repairing the body. This problem solves fasting and the body focuses on its focus towards other functions. Therefore, fasting helps the body to grow and fight against it.

16 to 30 Days - Poisoning


In the last days of Ramadan the body completely compromises the fasting process. Large intestine, liver, kidney and skin begin to pass through the detoxification. The doctor says: "During this time the function of the organ seems to be full of strength, and the memory of your memory and concentration improves and more energy inside you."
If the persecution continues continuously for several days, the body starts melting the muscles, but it does not happen in Ramadan because fasting ends in one day. 

So fast is it useful for health?

The doctor says, yes, but with a condition. It is good for fast health because it gives us an opportunity to consider what food and food are needed. However, I can not advise that fasting should be continued for more than a month.
They say: 'There is not a good thing for continuous fasting weight because ultimately your body is attracted to muscles instead of absorbing the fat. It is not good for health and that means your body has gone into distress. If fasting is Ramadan, then the energy of the body is restored every day, which can reduce the weight without touching the useful muscles.

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