Hair Care: Lifeless hair will be repaired, include these 3 kitchen ingredients in hair products

Natural ingredients found at home are very beneficial for hair care. If your hair is also damaged or is falling fast, do not forget to use these 3 things kept at home.

Today everyone is troubled by dandruff, white hair, and hair fall. Good care of hair is not possible due to the runaway lifestyle, wrong eating, frequent use of chemical products, and increasing pollution. But if you apply some natural products to your hair with a little attention, then half of your problem can be overcome.

Do you know that there are 3 ingredients in your kitchen that can give you healthy hair? Learn here what things and how to use them.

Curry leaves
Kadhi leaves, which increase the taste of vegetables, actually acts as a medicine for your hair. Apart from including them in your diet, you can use curry leaves in hair oil and hair packs. Take three stems of curry leaves and fry them in a pan. Then add coconut oil (about 8 cups full) and let it boil for at least 10 minutes. Then keep the oil overnight. The next morning, transfer the oil in a container and apply it on the scalp at least twice a week.

Onion juice
Onion contains sulfur, which is considered nectar for hair. It strengthens hair roots and prevents infection. To apply it to the hair, take a big onion and grind it to extract the juice. Then mix it in any hair oil and apply it on the scalp. Do not keep it longer than 30 minutes. Onion juice is known as a cooling agent, which can lead to colds and headaches if not washed on time.

From skin breakouts to sunburn, regular use of yogurt can give you a beautiful physique. Yogurt is a good source of protein, calcium, potassium, magnesium, and vitamin A. If you use yogurt at least twice a week, you will see a decrease in dandruff levels. This brings a shine in the hair and also causes hair growth.

To apply it, you need a few tablespoons of curd. Then apply it on the head and leave it for 20-30 minutes. If you have lemon at home, you can use it by squeezing half a lemon into it. You have to do this for about 20 days.

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