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Some Benefits of Eating Raw Onions

Onion is a mandatory flavor that is almost always present in every cuisine in the country. Not only add to the delicacy of food, but red onion also contains health benefits, you know. Especially if consumed in a raw state.

Raw red onions are usually added in satay spices, raw cucumber pickles, or salads. It tastes spicy and definitely provides health benefits, although the aroma is rather sharp.

In the tuber, there are important compounds namely organic sulfur and essential oils. Both active substances that will be reduced effectiveness if it is heated alias cooked, as quoted by the BBC Good Food page.

In some studies related to onions, in addition to the two substances above, there is another active compound in it that is useful for the human body that is antioxidants called quercetin.

Quercetin plays a role in healthy heart, improve the body’s immune system and several other functions.

According to natural therapist Chris Kilham, onion also helps inhibit the growth of tumor cells and support the body’s hormone work. Therefore, Chris recommends for every day at least some raw onion should be on your menu.

If you do not like it? Just add some red onion in a cooking spice or bake it for a while before it is consumed. May be useful.

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