How to avoid the problem of hairfall?

How to avoid the problem of hairfall?

Hello friends, today we will learn about the problem of hair problems and its cause. After all, what causes hair to turn white and fall out at an early age. Today, everyone is suffering from hair loss problem. Due to more hair loss, people live under a lot of stress and their look also gets worse. Many people use different types of prescriptions, medicines, oils, etc., due to which their hair starts falling further. So what to do so that our hair falls will decrease.

We should not use hot water to clean our hair. Due to this, our hair tissue and scalp are weakened which create hair starts to break. We should use normal water to clean our hair.

We should not apply shampoo on hair directly, because the shampoo contains acidic substances which harm the hair. Shampoo should be mixed with water and make it dillute. We should not use shampoo daily. Instead, we should leave some days and use them.

Lack of protein is the main reason for hair loss. Therefore, we should use Almond, Dates , etc. If your hair loss problem is big, then you can also do blood test. In this way, you can see your ferretin level if it is less than 45, then there is a deficiency of iron in your body. Dates are the good source for increasing iron content in the body.

To reduce the problem of hair loss, we should keep our body hydrated. We should drink 8 glasses of water daily. Hair should not be combed immediately after bathing, this causes hair to break even more, we should comb our hair after it dry. The problem of hair loss is seen in people who smoke. Therefore, we should not smoke. We should also exercise and stay away from outside junk food. Many people also use hair dryer, due to which there is a lack of protein in his hair.

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