5 Ways Eating Dates Can Be Beneficial For Your Health

Snacking on dates is not only a great way to satiate your sugar cravings, these nutrient-rich little dry-fruits also help in boosting energy and managing blood-sugar levels. Dates are the fruit of the date palm tree, which is grown in many tropical regions of the world. Dates have become quite popular in recent years. Dates can be consumed in two forms – fresh and dry. You can tell the difference based on the appearance, dried dates have wrinkled skin and fresh ones are smooth.Depending on the variety, fresh dates are fairly small in size and range in colour from bright red to bright yellow.

Here are 5 ways eating dates can be beneficial for you:

* Rich source of antioxidants

All dates, fresh or dried, contain different types of antioxidants. Fresh dates contain flavonoids, anthocyanidins and carotenoids, while dried dates contain polyphenols – just like green tea. Flavonoids are powerful antioxidants that may help reduce inflammation and maybe helpful in reducing risk of diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, etc.Carotenoids are proven to promote heart health and may also reduce the risk of eye-related disorders, such as macular degeneration. Dates also contain phenolic acid which is known for its anti-inflammatory properties and may also be helpful in lowering the risk of certain cancers as well as heart diseases.

* Good for sugar balance

Thefibre in dates may be beneficial for blood sugar control. Fibre slows digestion and may help prevent blood sugar levels from spiking too high after eating.For this reason, Dates have a low glycaemic impact. This means that eating dates alone, or with a meal, may help people with type-2 diabetes manage their blood sugar and blood fat levels.

* Helps reduce blood pressure

A standard serving of five or six dates provides about 80 milligrams of magnesium, an essential mineral that helps dilate blood vessels. Dates are a delicious way to increase your magnesium intake more gently.Research shows that supplementing with 370 milligrams of magnesium can reduce blood pressure. However, taking such a large dose all at once often causes diarrhoea.

* Boosts brain power

Each little date contains over two milligrams of choline, a B vitamin that’s a component in acetylcholine, the memory neurotransmitter. Higher choline intake is associated with better memory and learning, making it a key nutrient for children. They may also be helpful for lowering inflammation and preventing plaques from forming in the brain, which is important for preventing Alzheimer’s disease in older adults.

* Helps maintain bone mass

Dates are a rich source of potassium which can help counter the loss of bone density in post-menopausal women with osteopenia. One dried date provides nearly 140 milligrams of this valuable nutrient. It is believed that potassium intake protects bone mass by reducing the amount of calcium secreted by the kidneys.

It is also believed that dates may promote and ease natural labour for pregnant women when consumed during the last few weeks of pregnancy. Since they are excellent natural sweeteners with the added benefits of nutrients, fibre and antioxidants, dates can be used as a healthy substitute for refined sugar.

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