4 Signs of vitamin D deficiency.

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Even if you sleep a lot, your body lacks vitamin D, you will constantly feel tired. According to researches, that low levels of vitamin D are directly linked to rapid fatigue and chronic fatigue. At the same time, volunteers who received sufficient doses of the vitamin soon noted an improvement in well-being and increased performance.

You sweat all the time:

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One of the first classic symptoms of vitamin D deficiency is head sweating. If your forehead is constantly wet, despite the normal body temperature, and low physical activity, perhaps, you should check the level of the " sunshine" vitamin. In children, vitamin D deficiency also causes sweating of the palms, which can be one of the symptoms of rickets.

Bone aches and muscle pain:

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Pain in bones, muscles, and joints can be signs of a lack of vitamin D. These include frequent fractures and damage to bones. All this is explained by the fact, that vitamin D plays an important role in the absorption of calcium and phosphorus. If you feel muscle weakness and even minimal physical activity is hard for you, take the tests.

You often have a cold:

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Another sign of vitamin D deficiency is an increased tendency for respiratory viral diseases. The fact is, that a lack of this vitamin depresses the immune system, and it can not effectively " beat" a virus attack. Do you often catch a cold? Perhaps, you need vitamin D!

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