Treat Dull Skin And Hair With This Fruit Seeds

Treat Dull Skin and Hair With This Fruit Seeds
Does your hair or skin seem dull & tedious or are you actually suffering from tummy troubles? Then choose pumpkin seeds for all your problems. These tiny pumpkin seeds are also known as superfoods as it comes with various important minerals including copper, magnesium, manganese, zinc and phosphorus. All these minerals are rich and wealthy in antioxidants as they offer perfect blend of vitamins A and E which provides countless benefits for your health, hair as well as skin.

# Moisturizer

These pumpkin seeds have capability to simply and effortlessly clean your skin and also provide your skin with zinc, antioxidants and vitamins E & A. Simply use these seeds as a natural moisturizer without any toxic lotions or creams for healthy and glowing skin. It has high amount of unsaturated acids like omega-3 which have natural emolliating properties that help you to keep your skin moisturized every time. You just need to have almost one cup of pumpkin seeds, 1 beaten egg and 1 tablespoon butter in order to create mask.

# Treats Acne

With the help of these pumpkin seeds, you can also protect your skin from acne as they are rich in zinc minerals which contain anti-inflammatory properties that decrease scarring as well as redness of acne. Make sure to have sprouted, raw or roasted pumpkin seeds each & every day. You can also add milk in these seeds for better mixture. While eating these pumpkin seeds, ensure to chew them properly in order to avoid indigestion. You must have to eat fresh seeds in order to avoid high risk of food poisoning.

treat dull skin and hair with this fruit seeds
# Hair Growth

Are you seriously worried for your hair falling? You just need to simply chew pumpkin seeds every day. You can use these seeds as roasted, sprouted or raw. You can also mix pumpkin seed oil to these seeds. Make use of this oil in order to massage your hair as well as scalp. Make sure to leave it on your scalp overnight and wash it off on another day. Pumpkin seeds come with high dose of L-lysine and iron which assists you to easily control unnecessary hair shedding and also increases hair growth.

# Dandruff Free

Pumpkin seeds come with zinc active ingredient which is already present in variety of anti-dandruff shampoos. Basically, zinc assists you from irritation, flaking and itching that is associated with seborrheic dermatitis. Make use of pumpkin seed oil to simply massage your hair and scalp for appropriate nutrients.

# Healthy Hair

Nowadays, healthy and long hair is most important factor for any women’s life. Pumpkin seeds are the best alternative to have healthier hair as well as skin as it comes with omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin A, K & B, zinc and sulphur which makes it perfect solution for your scalp and hair. Make sure to consume pumpkin seeds on the daily basis in order to get shiny and healthier hair.
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