5 Tips To Get Flat Waist Like Katrina Kaif

5 Tips To Get Flat Waist Like Katrina Kaif
At one point in your life, you might have had a flat stomach and small waist without even trying. As you've gotten older, though, physiology and a hectic schedule with limited time for exercise or eating healthy have taken their toll and led to your widening waistline — but all is not lost.

A calorie-controlled, nutritious diet, regular cardio exercise and strength training can help you get back the flat belly and small waistline of your younger years.

# You can do hours of cardio at the gym, but if you're eating junk food and going over your caloric needs for the day on a regular basis, you're not going to lose belly fat.

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# Balance your reduced-calorie diet with bike riding, jogging, dancing, swimming or any other activity that gets your heart rate up and makes you sweat.

# Spot-reduction is a myth. You can do ab exercises all day long, but you won't have a flat stomach and a small waist if there's a big layer of fat on top. And, if you only do ab exercises, you're missing out on building total-body muscle mass which helps rev your metabolism.

# Who would have thought! Jumping rope is a great waist slimming exercise. Because it substantially raises your metabolic rate and forces you to tighten your core at the same time, it’s double-effective. While doing this exercise, try more complex movements that involve more muscles like twisting your waist to the left and to the right as you jump.

# No feminine waist shaping routine would be complete without some version of the hip thrust. Hip thrust together with glute bridge movements target the glutes and the muscles of your lower back. This exercise strengthens your muscle and shapes your glutes. It is a great way to improve your curves and make your waist appear smaller.

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