Want To Settle Abroad, But Something Is Stopping You? Try These Tips

Want to Settle Abroad, But Something is Stopping You? Try These Tips
These days, the craze to settle out of your country has taken a boom. The craze to see and experience the whole new world is a basic human instinct. Generally, people wish to go to foreign country for multiple reasons such as, experiencing the new culture and lifestyle, for better earning and learning opportunities and many more.

Are you among those whose dream of traveling and settling in foreign lands is not fulfilled yet? Are there obstacles in your way to go abroad? Well, if your answer is in ‘Yes’, you will find the solution to all your problems with us.

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1. Reciting Rahu Stotra is an extremely effective way of pleasing Rahu and turning the planet in your favor. Reciting the Stotra will bring a balance in the cosmic vibrations of Rahu and the hurdles in your way will be removed.

2. You can chant the Rahu Beej mantra and request Rahu to shower his blessings on you. The mantra is- Om Bhram Bhreem Bhroum Sah Rahave Namah. Chant it for 18000 times in the span of 40 days to see the results.

3. This is a very powerful Stotra than provides relief during Rahu dashas or if Rahu is placed badly in the chart. Regular reciting of this Stotra can be effective in reducing the bad effects of this planet. Once the bad effects are removed, success and opportunity will automatically flow in your life. You can then plan to go and settle overseas without any possible hindrance.

4. Fasting on Saturdays will impress Rahu for sure. This in turn will bring more opportunities to you for travelling abroad. This will clear all the obstacles in the way of success and increase your chances of going overseas.

5. Rahu is the ruler of Eight Mukhi Rudraksha. So, anyone with a weak Rahu or malefic effect of Rahu in their horoscope should wear eight mukhi rudraksha. It brings joy, luck, stable mind and success in your life.

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