these 20 basic mantras everyone must know to stay fit

Friends, nowadays people do not give importance to many things as much as they should drink. Because nowadays people have got used to making fun of some things. And in such a situation people are not able to keep their body healthy and fit. No matter how busy your life is, but some things mentioned in these Ayurveda must be taken care of. Only then diseases will be able to stay away from your body.

20 formula to stay healthy, you must know -
1) Must wash hands before taking food.
2) Include green vegetable and seasonal fruits in the diet, as well as eat less of hunger.
3) Food should be chewed with plenty of chew, it digests food well.
4) Drink only 1-2 rinse water after a meal and only after half an hour.
5) Buttermilk must be drunk after meals.
6) Rinse well after meals, so that food does not get stuck in the teeth.
7) Must urinate after meals, it does not cause a stone problem.
8) Use less flour made in food.
9) Water filled in tea, coffee or plastic bottles should not be consumed.

10) Should stay away from intoxicating things like alcohol, cigarettes, hashish, hemp, etc.
11) Fast one day a week and only consume lemonade on that day.
12) Day meal should be done before 1 pm and dinner by 7 pm.
13) There should be a difference of at least 2 hours between dinner and bedtime
14) A bath should always be done with cold water and filled with water in the bucket.
15) At least 15 minutes of sunlight should be taken in a day, it gives vitamin D.
16) The feet should be washed well before going to bed.
17) One glass of lukewarm milk should be drunk before sleeping.
18) Do yoga and Pranayam after doing regular rituals in the morning.
19) Massage the whole body with mustard oil once a week.
20) One should not sleep while sleeping.

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