If you want to be rich, try these five solutions!

In today's modern life, every person wants to have a lot of wealth and prosperity and prosperity in life. He is never short of money. May he live a good and happy life. He can get whatever he wants. But every person's wish is not fulfilled. If you want to double the money to triple, then try these tricks ...

1. Always keep yourself clean and clean. Read worship in the temple every day and thank God for what you have received, keep your new demand and wait for the fulfilment of that demand with reverence and patience.

2. Drink water in a silver vessel. If there is no silverware in the house, fill water in the glass and drink silver water by putting a silver finger in it. It is oriental, and very miraculous tantric method. This gives relief in money related matters.

3. These very few people know that Paan is also offered to Lord Shiva. If a special Paan is offered to Lord Shiva in the month of Savan, then all kinds of desires are fulfilled.

4. Money increases with money, keep more than 100 notes of 10 in your home and business chest, as well as always keep some coins in your pocket, start thinking of yourself as rich and wear clothes like that and whatever you buy. Want to imagine that. Those who consider themselves to be poor are always impoverished.

5. Place a betel leaf, clove and cardamom with a silver coin Lakshmi Ganesha along with the money where you keep the money or in the vault. Apply basil at home and worship daily.

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