Glamorous Eyes

Glamorous Eyes
We grow up watching Disney fairies and princesses who have eyes like rubies tipped with eyelashes that are long and thick like feathers and as dark as ebony.

An eyelash extension is either synthetic or natural. Single lashes are placed on top of the natural eyelash to provide extra length and thickness. Synthetic lashes last longer, are prone to cause less allergies and irritation. They both are semi permanent beauty aids and do not hinder any normal activity of the eyes. They can last up to four weeks or even a hundred days. They are lashes available in many shades in salons, and only licensed beauticians are allowed to fix them.

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Eyelash extensions can make your eyes look glamorous naturally. You will look outstandingly beautiful and receive a lot of compliments without anyone guessing that you are wearing fake eyelashes.

Eyelash extensions last for more than three weeks and in some cases, even a hundred days. They need a lot of care and maintenance, but you need not worry about curling your lashes and mascara for some time. They boost your confidence and self-esteem, whether you style your eyes or keep them simple; they are bound to get you noticed.

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Eyelash extensions might cause some irritation and itching. Dry skin may cause the natural eyelashes fall. The glue used to stick these false eyelashes contains more than 70 suspicious chemical components that might cause ocular problems to even those who didn`t have a history of any eye disorder.

Some of the ocular disorders that were noticed include keratoconjuctivitis, allergic blepharitis, subconjuctival hemorrhage and conjuctival erosion to name a few. Some people complained about their natural eyelashes falling out which never grew back.

beauty tips,beauty,Glamorous Eyes,Eyelash,natural eyelash,cosmetics,mascara
In most cases the eye lashes look natural, though overdoing the make-up can cause cosmetics to harm the glue or adhesive used and the lashes can fall apart much earlier and even cause damage to original eyelashes. Hence, until the extensions are present, you might have to give your makeup a little rest.
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