7 Uses Of Beer As Beauty Ingredient

7 Uses of Beer as Beauty Ingredient
One of the most popular alcoholic beverage, Beer is not just a drink, but an beauty ingredient too. The beauty benefits of beer are not limited to the skin only. Beer is good for your hair as well. Beer is one of the best natural hair conditioners available to us. Therefore the beauty benefits of beer are pertinent for your entire body. There are many ways to use beer on your skin and hair. It is better to apply beer externally than drinking it. This is because too much beer causes obesity and may harm your liver.

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1. Beer is the best natural hair conditioner available to us. Wash your hair with beer after shampooing it. You will be left with soft and shiny hair.

2. Beer helps to flush out toxins from your skin. Once the toxins leave your skin, you can see a natural glow on your face.

3. Beer softens your skin from within. When your skin is able to breathe and has enough moisture in it, it becomes soft and supple. The Vitamin B present in beer helps it soften the skin.

4. Washing your hair with beer makes it look more fluffy and dense. This is because beer improves the quality of your hair making it look bouncy.

5. Beer has some anti-bacterial properties that helps fight off acne. So, add beer to your face packs and get a clear acne-free skin.

6. Beer has antioxidants that slows down the ageing process of the skin. It gets rid of inflammatory substances from the skin and helps it age gracefully.

7. If you have enough money to spare, beer can be a very good ingredient for bubble bath. It is the best way to extend the beauty benefits of beer to your skin and hair at once.
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