5 Ways To Get Those Perfect Nails At Home

5 Ways To Get Those Perfect Nails At Home
No matter you are girl with that Girlish attitude or that tom boy swag, polished hands let the world know you're a total power girl. Perfect nails are every girl dream and to maintain them is not that tough. Here are few simple tips that can help you get those perfect nails-

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1. Cleanliness
Just like you wash your face every day, you should clean under your nails every day, too. Even if you're wearing black nail polish, you need your nails to be clean for optimal growth and strength.

2. Top Coating
Make sure you use a good top coat so your nails look shiny. Even if you're going polish-free, a swipe of clear polish takes two minutes and makes your nails look instantly more put-together.

3. Shaping Them Up
You'll damage your nails if you file back and forth with a rough nail file. Instead, file only in one direction, hitting the tips of your nails.

4. Do Not Bite
Your mom is right on this one: The germs on your hands shouldn't be going anywhere near your mouth. Biting also damages your nail beds, sometimes irreconcilably. Not to mention, it leaves your nail tips jagged and uneven.

5. Wearing Gloves
Having your hands under hot water for a while can really dry out your nails. So if it's your turn to do the dishes, or to clean the bathroom, ask your mom or dad for some rubber gloves before you get to work. Mix some oil with hand cream, and apply to your nails and fingers before popping on the gloves, and it'll be like getting a spa manicure while you're stuck doing chores.
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