5 Tips To Help You Save Money For Your Vacation

5 Tips To Help You Save Money For Your Vacation
Searching for cheap airfare and cutting back on extras while away from home are good ways to make your trip fit your budget, but they aren’t the only ways to make travel affordable. If you’re smart about how you save, you may be able to book the trip you really want, extras and all. Whether you’re planning to relax on the beach or ride your motorcycle through the Andes, here are 5 ways to save money for your dream vacation.

* Cut your spending
The most lucrative way to put away a few thousand rupees in your travel piggy bank is to take a good look at your lifestyle and cut back when you can. Cutting back on happy hour drinks, bringing your lunch from home rather than eating out, or cancelling little-used subscription services can all help.

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* Make saving seamless

Stockpiling your vacation savings in a separate savings account makes it less likely you’ll accidentally blow your travel fund on other purchases. Automatic transfers to a dedicated account at your bank is the best option. This process is seamless. Within six months or so, you could easily save several hundred dollars to use towards your vacation.

* Get a travel rewards credit card

If you’re financially responsible and can pay your bills on-time and in full each month, there is so much opportunity to earn free travel through credit card rewards. Taking advantage of generous sign-up bonuses will also help you maximize credit card rewards, she added. To get those extra miles or points, you need to apply for the card at the right time. Getting a new card at least five months before you need to travel is a smart move, since that will give you enough time to earn any sign-up bonus. Also keep an eye out for limited time offers, which are most common in festive season.

tips to save money for vacation,money saving tips,vacation tips
* Save your spare change

Squirreling away your pocket change may be an old-school saving method, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t work. Toss all those quarters, dimes, and nickels into a jar and watch your savings grow. You might be surprised how much you can accumulate after a year.

* Spend your points and miles

You may have free miles on your credit card or with airlines that you can put to good use for booking tickets for your travel. For an avid traveller, travel credit cards are recommended over regular debit cards, since credit cards offer a great opportunity to earn free points that can be redeemed for airfares, hotels, or cash. Different cards offer different benefits that fit different people. So do your research and get the one best suited for you before you book your tickets. The more you travel using your credit card, the more you earn and save for your future trips. Most online travel marketplaces also offer special points and virtual cash for flight bookings and hotel bookings that you can redeem anytime you need to.

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