5 Reasons You Should Get Oil Massage Regularly

5 Reasons You Should Get Oil Massage Regularly
Massage.. even the word brings s sign of relief in our mind, then think how amazing it would be to get it done. Getting a massage is one of the most relaxing experiences out there, especially when you have had a tough week and just need to unwind. Getting a massages helps get that blood pumping which in itself has a number of great health benefits like improving the texture of your skin, better elimination of toxins and proper functioning of internal organs.

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1. When a person’s body is massaged with precise pressure applied on their muscles, it helps tone your muscles by stretching them and improving their functioning. Apart from this massage performed for an extended period of time helps reduce flab and gives your muscles more tone.

2. When performed a massage also helps on the release of certain hormones that calm your mind, relieve stress and help keep depression at bay.

3. A massage feels perfect when you are aching all over. This is because if done properly it helps beat body pain. Due to its action on the muscles and nerves of your body a massage helps relieve mild to moderate body ache. Apart from this the increased blood circulation, release of hormones and secretions that help make you relaxed also help beat pain.

4. When you rub oil on your body or a technician does it for you, the oil helps get rid of dirt and dead skin especially in those areas that are prone to its buildup, especially places like your navel, behind the ears and knees. Not only does this help you stay clean and infection free but it also brighten up your skin and gets rid of any tanning.

5. Massaging the head, nose, navel, rectum, hands, wrists and the soles of the feet have reflex points that help activate certain secretary glands making them function properly, helps in the release of certain hormones and calm nerve endings. Since the practice also increases blood circulation and calms you down mentally an oil massage is the best way to stay healthy. To add to this, it is also a great form of exercise (if you perform it yourself) and is therefore is great for your health.
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