5 Low Priced Foods You Should Have To Keep Your Body Healthy Amid Lockdown

Keeping your body healthy is the most important thing. Amid lock down, there has been financial crisis all over the country. Prices of foods are increasing too much in these crucial times. Therefore to keep your body healthy at low cost, check out the foods:

  1. Rajma or Kidney Beans

Every 28 grams of rajma serves around 7 grams of proteins. And its cost is also less.

2. Masoor Daal


Among all the other lentils masoor is considered one of the protein rich dal. 56 grams of dal provides 14 grams of protein.

3. Eggs


Having whole eggs are the best to increase protein intake. Eggs are a very cheap, easy available and one of the richest natural sources of proteins. 1 egg provides 6 grams of proteins.

4. Soybeans


Soybeans are plant-based protein, they include all the essential amino acids needed for human nutrition. 100g of soyabeans contain 36 gram of protein.

5. Paneer


Paneer is easily available in the market and can also be made at home easily. 100 grams of paneer has around 14 grams of protein.

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