5 Fashion Mistakes Every Woman Must Avoid

5 Fashion Mistakes Every Woman Must Avoid
We’ve all had moments when we’ve looked at our old pictures and mentally thrown up! Here are 5 fashion mistakes we’ve all made!

* Bright-coloured bras under sheer tops

Wearing a colourful bra under a sheer blouse just looks wrong and sloppy. Sheer tops are extremely fashionable if you know how to pull off the look. A good option would be wearing a cute cami underneath the top, or wear a bandeau bra that is the same colour as the top. This way, you get a look that is classy, stylish and appropriate to be worn anywhere.

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* Extremely low slung pants

Low rise pants are totally fine; but if your low rise pants leave nothing to the imagination, then they start becoming a problem. Really, nobody wants to see the colour and type of undergarments you’re wearing and you’d do well to keep that detail to yourself!

* Visible panty line

One fashion blunder that most women inadvertently make is wearing visible panty liners. These are really cringe-worthy; so make sure you’re not making this mistake. It’s always a good idea to check your behind in the mirror before you step out of the house. Save yourself from this fashion regret by opting for seamless, nude underwear.

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* Skin-colored leggings

“Is she not wearing pants?!” This is how confused flesh-coloured leggings can make you feel. And if you wear a short top with those leggings, it looks obscene. As far as possible, try to stay away from skin-coloured leggings, but if you absolutely cannot, pair them with a long tunic that falls below the knees.

* Button-popping clothing
Have you ever seen women wear shirts a few sizes too small for them and wondered how they manage to breathe in them? Wearing shirts and pants that are so snug that the buttons on them look ready to pop open is a fashion faux pas we wish had never existed. Look for clothes that fit you well. Maybe they’re hard to find, but if you look hard enough you’ll find them!

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