5 Best ways to apply castor oil in daily life

1. Dry, flaky skin:

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Heat a teaspoon of castor oil to a temperature of 30-40 degrees and apply it to dry skin. not only to the skin but also elbows, hands, feet. After 15-20 minutes, the remaining oil must be removed with a paper towel.

2. Application form wrinkles:

Castor oil is a powerful remedy for wrinkles and other age-related skin changes. With it, you can get rid of fine wrinkles. After a course of application, deep wrinkles become less noticeable. Castor perfectly moisturizes and whitens the skin. 

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When applied to the face, it is better not to apply castor oil in its pure form. This is rather heavy oil and its single-use can cause clogging of pores and swelling, in particular the eyelids. Be sure to remove residual oil with a paper towel 15-20 minutes after application.

3. Removal of age spots:

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Castor oil is an indispensable and very effective tool for whitening age spots. It is added to the whitening masks and applied pointwise to areas with pigmentation.

4.Hair, eyelashes, and eyebrows:

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The most popular, but no less effective, castor oil is a powerful tool for the growth of hair, eyelashes, and eyebrows. With hair loss and to stimulate their growth, castor oil is an indispensable tool. Just add castor oil to face masks and after a course of application, you will recognize your hair growth.

If you have problems with eyelashes and eyebrows, then urgently go to the pharmacy and buy a castor. Daily (preferably at night) apply oil on eyelashes and eyebrows. After 15 minutes, clean off the remaining oil from the skin so as not to cause swelling of the eyelids.

5. Dry heels:

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Castor has a softening, moisturizing and antibacterial property. It is very effective to soften rough skin by applying castor oil on the skin of the feet overnight. To do this, steam the legs in a warm salt-soda bath for about 20 minutes. Dry your feet with a towel and apply warm castor oil.

Distribute castor oil over the skin by doing an active massage. Pay special attention to problem areas. Put plastic bags or socks on your legs. As you can see, castor oil has many uses for the beauty of skin and hair. Do not forget to remove the remaining oil, the excess will not bring any benefits!

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