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4 Myths about potato you still believe, No.1 is universal

1. Do potatoes make you fat?

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If you eat potatoes every day, it will not harm your figure. The energy value of the boiled potato is only 76 kcal per 100 grams. This is less than pasta or rice. The main thing is not to fry potatoes in oil or deep-fried if you adhere to a healthy diet.

Why not to fry? Any fried food brings only harm to the body, not just potatoes. Indeed, in this process of cooking, all healthy vitamins and minerals disappear.

2. You can’t eat a potato with a peel?

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Many varieties of potatoes have very thin skin. Moreover, before putting it up for sale, the product is washed and cleaned. Therefore, it can be eaten with peel.

Do not deprive yourself of vitamins and minerals that are found in the peel and pulp. For this, it is better to eat thoroughly washed potatoes, along with the peel. Or cut it off with a very thin layer.

3. Is there anything useful in potatoes?

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Potato contains all the amino acids that are found in plants. Some of them are indispensable: lysine, methionine, leucine, and others. It is worth paying attention to the composition of minerals. The main elements are magnesium, calcium, potassium and phosphorus salts, and many trace elements.

4. Is potato harmful to the stomach?

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Fiber, which is found in potatoes, does not harm the gastro intestinal tract at all. On the contrary, this fiber should be present in the diet of people suffering from ulcers, gastritis, gout, or kidney disease.

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