4 Amazing Benefits Of Black Cardmom

4 Amazing Benefits of Black Cardmom
Cardamom or elaichi is the ‘Queen of Spices’. But exactly what is black cardamom? Let us tell you that before we head to the benefits. The oil extracted from the seeds of the herb is known as one of the most effective essential oils and is widely used in aromatherapy.

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1. If you want to get a firm, toned and youthful look, start consuming black cardamom in a regular manner.

2. Black cardamom not only keeps your ageing at bay, but it also helps you in getting a fairer skin complexion.

3. Due to its antibacterial properties, black cardamom is used as a natural remedy for ‘contact dermatitis’ or skin allergy.

4. As it is antiseptic and antibacterial by nature, its consumption is also good for preventing irritation and infection on scalp.

5. The anti-oxidative properties of black cardamom are helpful in providing nourishment to your scalp and hair strands. As a result, you get strong, thick and shiny tresses.
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