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Will the corona virus end in summer? Know the truth

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Coronavirus is a group of several virus types that cause disease in mammals and birds. These are RNA viruses. In humans it is caused by respiratory tract infections, which are mostly moderate in intensity but sometimes fatal. This diarrhea occurs in cows and pigs and in chickens due to diseases of the upper respiratory tract. No vaccine or antiviral is currently available for prevention and treatment depends on the creature's own immune system and treatment of symptoms (such as dehydration or dehydration, fever, etc.). So that the body remains strong while fighting the infection. Recently the WHO named it COVID-19.
Will the corona virus end in summer?
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The most deadly enemy of the corona virus is heat. And his friend is winter. Now let me tell you in detail. In winter, when we sneak, the particles that come out of our mouth get mixed up in the moisture present in our environment at the time of winter, and float in the air and then move from one person to another and infect people. We do .
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But when the heat comes, due to the high temperature, the coronavirus particles start to sit below the ground so that the coronavirus does not float in the air. And it does not go to any other people because the coronavirus sits on the ground surface due to the high temperature. That's why doctors believe that coronavirus's deadliest enemy is summer and best friend is winter.

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