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To avoid the coronavirus, just take these 3 things, number 1 is the most effective

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Friends, today I am going to tell you that to avoid the Karona virus, you must take these things. Consuming these things can not even touch the corona virus. So let's know what those three things are. Which is very important to consume.

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3) Eat hot food- You should eat hot food for the  next 1 month. You should not accidentally eat cold food nor eat cold food by heating.

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2) Do eat garlic - if you use more garlic in your food every day. So this will protect you from corona. Garlic is very beneficial with heating. You should definitely use black garlic while cooking.

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1) Must use warm water and salt- Corona virus passes for 2 to 3 days in the throat before it enters the body completely. In the meantime, if you drink salt or gargle with salt in 1 glass of hot water every day, then this virus will end before going into the body. Therefore, you should consume it daily. Do this work at least 5 times a day.

If you follow and consume all these things then you will not get caught in the corona virus. And the number one measure is most effective.

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