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This special kind of food is given to the patient suffering from corona, now know that it will be very useful.

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A person suffering from corona is first placed in the isolation center, where the patient is monitored and treated 24 hours. During treatment, along with medicines, special food is also given to the patient. What kind of food is given to fight the corona virus, a hospital in Chennai has shared with everyone.

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In fact, the treatment of two patients suffering from Corona virus is being done in Rajiv Gandhi Government General Hospital. Patients are being monitored in isolation centers. A special diet plan has been prepared by the hospital for the patients. Experts have prescribed a special type of diet to the patients according to the health and condition and calories of the patient.

Such food is given to the corona patient: -


In this, wheat upma, sambar, idli, onion chutney, milk and egg white are given.

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before lunch

Before lunch, warm water prepared with lemon and ginger is given.

At lunch

In this, rice, mint, chapati, saag porwal, vegetable porwal, roasted Bengali gram dal and rasam are given.

At dinner

Idli, veg, chapati, korma and onion chutney are given at dinner.

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The hospital's doctor R Jayanti said that the patient is given food in disposable plates, while hot water is given for drinking. Staff doctors continue to look after him. And special care is taken of them. Along with this, the staff working in isolation ward are given vitamin pills and healthy food. In such a situation, if you also follow this diet plan, then you can avoid the infection of this virus.

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