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No need to panic with the corona, the virus will not be able to touch if you always keep the lemon at home

There is no need to panic because of the way the coronavirus is growing, just you need to take care like if you use soap or sanitizer to wash hands if you do not have it then you have to keep a lemon. You may feel strange but one lemon can protect you from this deadly virus.

The famous doctor of the country Mohsin Wali says that if you use lemon to wash hands, the virus may not even get close to you, Dr. Wali further explained that using these traditional things to wash hands corona Virus infection can be avoided.
After the coronavirus spread in the country, there is a sudden lack of sanitizer in the market, but still common people are not able to understand that hand washing is important to avoid coronavirus, not sanitizer or soap. If it is not available, you can wash your hands with lemon juice.
Scientists say that if you do not get sanitizer or soap during any infection, then washing your hands with lemon juice can prevent diseases.

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