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Corona Virus: These foods weaken our immunity, you should quit soon

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So far more than one and a half million people have been victimized by the corona virus all over the world. In India too, its number of patients has increased to 126. The Korna virus, which sleeps more than 7000 people in the whole world, is making the older people fast victims. Health experts have claimed that people whose immune system is weak, they are coming under the grip of corona virus.


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Soda may be responsible for weakening the human immune system. The amount of sugar in soda is very high, which also increases the sugar level in the insulin.

Refinery Oil-

If you use the same oil again and again in cooking, it can be dangerous for your health. This type of oil spoils your immune system.

Fast food-

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Mostly fast sugar is used to make fast food and the fiber content is very less in them. Fast food slowly deteriorates the body's immune system.


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Some people are very fond of drinking coffee. Perhaps those people are unaware that the caffeine found in coffee affects the immunity. Therefore it is very important to have control over drinking coffee.

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