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Corona virus has the highest risk of infection with this item! Click here to know

The fear of the coronavirus is very high in the world, and some are taking measures to avoid it at their level. The infection of this virus spread in the air can also spread by touching objects. This virus lives on different types of objects at different times. In such a situation, people are now worried about spreading viruses from everyday things. People are afraid that the virus has not reached their home with the button of an elevator or even by courier. In such a situation, we are telling you here how you can take precautions. Friends, all scientists are looking into the investigation of how long this virus survives on the human body and objects. Information about some things has also come to the fore, such as this virus can remain alive outside the human body for three days.

-The virus can survive for up to 24 hours on cardboard, juice box, etc.

Can remain alive for 3 days on plastic

Can stay alive for 3 days on steel

But you do not have to fear much, because the chances of spreading the virus from an object are extremely low. Touching the virus does not infect you. This virus cannot enter the body with your hands until it touches the nose, mouth or eyes. Therefore, be careful to wash your hands thoroughly before touching your nose, mouth or eyes. So friends, let us tell you that the highest risk of infection of this virus is only when you are in direct contact with an infected person.

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