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Corona has now stopped spreading in China, this method used

Today, the whole world is troubled by this disease named Corona. There are more than 150 countries in which it has spread and this is also a matter of concern, but the most different thing is happening in it that new cases have stopped coming in China. The last nearly three days have passed and not a single case report of a single corona have been reported in China for so long, which is also astonishing in itself.

But in China where there were thousands of cases, how did those people succeed in doing so? If we have to save India from this, then we will have to understand China's strategy only then we will be able to stop it. Cities in China were locked down
But at the same time, the society was also locked down, that is, if you live in a locality, then you do not have permission to get out there unless you do some important work. Apart from this, only one person was allowed to leave from every house, who would go out and bring work items. For this, he had to pass for two hours and in that time he had to bring goods. Apart from this, all the other shops like Barber Wagerh were closed.
The doctors were also denied treatment elsewhere, all were put in the treatment of Corona, due to which today China can recover itself and the same thing is needed for the world to learn that if we do not speak in changing times If understood, Corona will not leave mankind. Well, whatever the Government of India is engaged in this work for now.

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