At the age of 32 the body of those people becomes weak who do these 4 works early morning

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Friends, today I am going to tell you about four such works which cause weakness in the body and the body becomes weak. Therefore, you must read this news till the end.
At the age of 32, the body of those people who wake up in the morning and do these 4 works -
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1) Drinking water without rinse -  If you drink water without rinse then be careful as this habit can prove dangerous for you. Drinking water without rinse gets bacteria present in the mouth into the stomach which damages the digestive system. Therefore you should not drink water without rinse.
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2) Taking a bath immediately - Friends, you should not wake up in the morning and take a bath immediately because your body temperature is not normal at that time. When you take a bath, it can cause disturbances in body temperature and you may fall ill.
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3) Drinking Tea - Friends, you should not wake up in the morning and consume tea because consuming tea on an empty stomach causes gas problems in the stomach and damages the digestive system.
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4) Mobile - Friends, many people start using mobile in the morning but using the mobile has a great effect on the eyes and the eyes are a little weak in the morning, due to which the eyes are damaged a lot.
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