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We Chose 14 Trendy Items That Will Make Women of Any Age Look Gorgeous

Despite the stereotypes, modern fashion is not just made for 20-year-old beauties. There are many clothing items that can be easily found in malls and that will suit women of any age.

Bright Side compiled 14 clothing items that prove fashion was made for everyone. All you need to do is choose the items correctly!


Blazers look elegant on women at the age of 20, 30, or 40. Today’s fashion offers more than just the business-like models for office wear, but also blazers in original cuts that can be combined with jeans and sneakers.

Bright elongated sweaters

Wraps, light long sweaters, and ponchos are an indispensable part of a capsule wardrobe. Not only do they go with any look (serious, romantic, or everyday) but they also look stylish on a woman of any age.

Classic shirts

They freshen up an overall look. They can make a 40±year-old woman look younger and will also perfectly suit a 20-year-old. Shirts can be combined with various colors. Tailored models will suit a business-like style more, while a colorful casual style can be worn both to the mall or to meet with friends.

Plaid shirts

Plaid shirts look trendy and stylish on women of any age. In addition, these shirts are presented in a wide color palette, so creating a comfortable, casual look is easy.

Button down shirts worn under sweatshirts

Do you still think this option only suits ladies who are between 25 and 30? Today’s women skillfully use trends that used to be considered to be only for young people and students. Not only are sweatshirts comfortable, but they’re also stylish and even women older than 50 can use them for experimenting with their looks.


It’s kind of difficult to fit an elegant hat into your overall look. But if chosen correctly, these hats can give your image a special charm and attract attention no matter how old you are.

Jean jackets

Jean jackets have continued to stay trendy for many years. They are good for everyday wear and for combining with a dress. Additionally, these things make a woman over 40 look more liberal (and no one will pay attention to her age).


Today a jumpsuit is a style standard. When chosen correctly, it won’t make a young girl look older and it can make the image of older women more playful.

Scarfs with prints

A properly selected scarf can add a successful color accent to any look. Bright prints (but not those that are “shouting”) will suit any age and will give the overall look a special charm.

White pants or jeans

With the proper top, white pants or jeans are a very good option for special occasions. They look fresh both on younger and older women, they attract attention, and they are suitable for any age.

A dress with a belt

Not all women over 50 are ready to wear tight dresses. But that’s no reason to opt for sack-like clothing! Dresses with belts will enhance the waist and hide imperfections if there is something you don’t like when it comes to your body shape.

Classic cropped coat

Today this type of coat is at the peak of its popularity. Not only can they be worn with boots, but also with trainers and flat shoes. These coats make women who are 40+ look younger and give their look a special spark. They also look really good on younger girls, in most cases.

A T-shirt with straps at the neckline

This trendy top will make any woman look cool. The main thing is to choose the T-shirt in a color that suits your face color and to choose the proper bottom.

Shirt dresses

It might seem, at first glance, that this look only suits younger girls. But in fact, it suits women of any age — you just need to choose the model and the length that will look good on you.

In your opinion, which styles suit women of any age? We would be glad to hear from you in the comments!

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