Thursday, 20 February 2020

MuftGyan Guruji

This unique way to make the lemon sour-sweet pickle, you will keep licking your fingers

paratha at breakfast, it is more fun to eat pickles with it. Today we are talking about the lemon pickle, it is made in many ways. Today we are making lemon sour-sweet pickles with jaggery,

½ kg lemon

½ kg of sugar

2 teaspoons black salt

One teaspoon cardamom powder

6 ground black pepper

½ teaspoon red chilies

3 to 5 teaspoons salt

This is how you make lemon-sour sweet pickles

- Cut the lemon into four pieces. After this, put salt in it and keep it in a closed jar for twenty to twenty-five days to become soft. Stir this jar of lemon every two days.
- When you feel that the lemons have become soft, then add sugar, black pepper, red chili, black salt and cardamom powder to the lemon jar. After this, leave the jar in the sun for three to four days.
- Make sure that the spoon you are using to run the jar is dry and clean.
- Within a week this citrus-sweet pickle will be ready.
After the pickle is made, make sure that you remove it with a clean and dry spoon.

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