These top 5 designs of mehndi became the first choice of women in this wedding season

during the wedding season and in festivals. Today we are going to tell you about some such designs of mehndi which have become the first choice of women this year. have a look at these

1 shaded mehndi

Shaded mehndi is a catch. You can make shaded mehndi with different designs and methods. It is also very attractive and the attention of the people is drawn towards it.

2 net mehndi

This mehndi is made with a lot of patience, it does not take much time to become a mehndi design.

3 floral mehndi

Floral mehndi is one of the most popular designs and is also liked by women. You can make large or small floral designs on your hands.

4 Tikki style mehndi

Tikki style is more used in the Middle East and Pakistan than India. It is a simple design and is for women who do not want a complex design.

5 Signal Floral Mehndi

This mehndi design remains in a diagonal pattern, it starts at one end of your palm and ends at the other end.

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