Wednesday, 5 February 2020

MuftGyan Guruji

These diseases can be cured by only clapping

time of Bhajan or Aarti. Not only religious but also the scientific reason is hidden behind this tradition. According to science, we have 29 acupressure points in our hands. By pressing the pressure point, the blood and oxygen circulate well to the corresponding organ. According to acupressure, clapping is the easiest way to suppress all these pressure points correctly. These are the benefits of clapping...

1. Clapping reduces the amount of bad cholesterol in the blood, which reduces the possibility of a heart attack problem.

2. By clapping, the blood circulation in the body is good, which also prevents the risk of asthma-related disease in the lungs.

3. Fast clapping affects all the points of the eye, ears, brain, spinal cord, shoulders, etc., thereby relieving problems like stress, insomnia, weakness of the eyes, chronic headache, cold, hair loss.

4. Clap affects the muscles, so that energy is transmitted throughout the body.

5. Not only this, the habit of regular clapping gives strength to the white particles in the blood, due to which the body's immunity increases.

MuftGyan Guruji

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