The Secret to Life By Frands From INDIA

The traders who made the book and the film ''The Secret'', in accordance with their ancient practice, did not tell the whole secret, they left the secret about the true way of the Secret's action incomplete.
They have only told the sacred part of the "Secret" while they haven't mentioned the esoteric part, and without it the Secret does not work.
When it comes to the precondition for the action of The Secret or The Law of Attraction, the following should be clear:
The basic prerequisite for the successful attraction or the achievement of the goal is to first remove the negative elements from our subconscious mind - because they are the cause of the state that we want to change.
Therefore, all of our attempts to attract something will be in vain if we don't remove what led us to the situation that we want to change first.
This is achieved by meditation, as it reinforces the presence of consciousness which itself discloses and dissolves the negative contents in our subconscious.
By meditation we become aware of the subconscious and therefore we are automatically cleanse it.
We don't need to do anything else, by the very act of becoming aware of something we put it under control.
The only real meditation through which we become objectively aware of the subconscious is the practice described in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and the Buddhist meditation which developed from the same source.
Only such a meditation deals with the mind itself as it is in its entirety and its transcendence. All other meditation practices deal with the manipulations of the mind itself, or with some of the contents of the mind, and do not bring the realization of transcendence.
The essence of the Law of Attraction is also in skipping the usual order of causation, which first provides the cause for the consequence; first the means and then the goal.
Here, we are first holding on to the goal, while the causes and circumstances that lead to the goal will be drawn by on their own, through our pursuit of the goal.
That is the "attraction" in this "Law of Attraction": we do not attract the goal, but by holding on to the goal we attract all that will achieve our goal.
Our first priority should never be to seek for the means to achieve the goal. We must always stick to the goal as if it had already been achieved, and if this goal is worthy and appropriate to us (fantasies and stupidities can not be achieved naturally), and we are worthy of it, this holding on to the goal alone, will attract all the circumstances and the means which are needed to achieve the goal.
These means will never come to us as we have imagined, but always in an unique way, in accordance with realistic circumstances, our way of life, and the temptations that we must master in order to be worthy of our goals.
Therefore, we must always be ready to accept them as they appear and do what needs to be done. That is the only way in which they will be able to achieve our goal.
Finally, the essence of the Law of Attraction lies in the relation to the present moment. The present moment is the only reality and the basis of attraction. Our emotional attitude towards the present moment, defines what we attract for our next moment.
If we truly love and enjoy the present moment, we will then attract more of what we will love and enjoy in the future.
If we hate the present moment for any reason, and we want it to change, so we could have a better time in the future, then we will automatically attract more of what we will hate.
There will be something bothering us in the next moment as well,and we will want it to change in the future. This will be copied to the future as well. We always attract what is similar to us- what is here and now.
It is difficult to understand this and apply it properly because there is always something bothering us in the present moment, and the mind is always crucified at the brink of time. It projects its future wishes, holding on to the traumas of the past, avoiding the unpleasant present.
We should devote 10 minutes of our day to a short meditation. Let's leave aside all the problems that are torturing us here and now. Let's single out something we love, something we are grateful for and we enjoy in, even a little.
A thing, a person, a relationship, or a situation. To simply enjoy it, to feel the gratitude, as if it is all we need, and the only important thing for a lifetime, these ten minutes at least.
It should be done on a daily basis. Gradually increase the number of minutes and things we are grateful for and we enjoy.
It won't be necessary to extend the list much more, because by enjoying in the here and the now of today, we will automatically attract more to enjoy in the here and the now of tomorrow.
This is how the present moment works.
It is the only to have the power of action when emotions, consciousness, and imagination are based on it.
In order to understand how the law of attraction really works, we must understand that all of these dimensions exist in the very man, the man is made of all the dimensions of nature.
Therefore, man has thoughts (air), by which the will or the energy (fire) are determined. The will and the energy are the tools with which he then specifically creates what he wants in his imagination and through his feelings (water), until the idea materializes (the element of earth) on the physical plan.
This is a process of accomplishment that is described minutely in the homonymus book The Process of Realization.
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