We always want to have such kind of products which gives us benefits.Sometimes they do.But,most of the times we ignored those kind of products which are easily available.We thought big budget products and costly products are more useful than the regular one's.Here,we did mistake.
Now I will tell you about a product which are easily available and budget friendly.But it's benefits are unquestionable.I am talking about honey.Yes,you heard it right,honey is not only use for our skin.It is also can be use in our daily life.
Honey and basil leaves
We often face cold and cough problem during season change and honey can be used in this problem.If you have cold and cough problem then take one tablespoon of honey and some basil leaves and eat them.Do it every morning, and make sure you are not a diabetic patient.Most important keep consulting a doctor than take this remedy.
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Fruit salad with honey
Most of us like fruit salad.But if you add some honey in this recipe then you can see the difference.
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Honey and skin care
If you lead a problem free skin than honey is the great product for you.Honey is a natural moisturizer.So,if you have dry skin than apply some honey direct to your skin.After sometime wash your skin with lukewarm water.Slowly you will see the result.But,if you have pimple prone skin than before you use this consult a doctor.
Honey and lemon water
Who doesn't want to stay fit.But it can't happen for our negligence.Sometimes it's happen for our unhealthy lifestyle,and as the result we face stomach problem, digestive problem, getting fatty day by day.To get rid of this situation follow the simple remedy.Take some honey, lukewarm water and sliced lemon.Mix honey and lemon in lukewarm water and drink this every morning.This will help you to reduce belly fat,to improve your digestive system.
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But as I say if you have any kind of skin problems or any kind of physical problems than first you should consult a doctor before applying.