Palmistry: Know which people gets lucky after marriage

Palmistry: Know which people gets lucky after marriage

According to palmistry, the lines and figures made on the palm provide many information about the future of a person. Many things are known about the fate of a person from the mountain on the palm. Some marks are made on the palm, which by seeing it is known that the fate of the person changes after marriage.

According to palmistry astrology, if a line comes out of the Venus mountain (the lower part of the thumb) and reaches Saturn mountain, then after marriage, a person is lucky.

- It is considered very good to go from the brain line in the middle of the palm to any line reaching Shani mountain. The fate of such people also changes after marriage.

- It is said in oceanography that under the smallest finger in the palm is Mount Mercury. There are some horizontal lines at the end of Mount Mercury. This line is called the marriage line.

- The love affair and marital life of any person is assessed based on the design of this line. The clearer this line is, the better the marital life.

- It is believed that a person can have as many love affairs in the palm as there are horizontal lines on Mount Mercury. Blurred and unclear lines are not considered in these cases. The line which is the longest and clearest here is considered to be the marriage line. Other lines are considered a love affair.

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