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How Many Hair Breaks Daily Should Not Be Worried?


According to medical experts, many people daily break 100 hair from the head, which is normal and do not have to worry. However, according to the American Academy of Dermatology, during a physical or mental strain, temporarily a lot of hair loss is quite different from the rhinestone, because the hair grows again.

According to medical experts, due to specific diseases or medicines, it is possible to quickly reduce the hair and prevent it from being out of human being. However, if hair is falling very fast, its reasons may vary.


The hair disappears in the form of a round circle in the middle of the head in men, in fact, this type of typical pinch is part of a number of men's genes. It is not due to tension but also due to genetic cause and moves to family members. The most effective therapeutic treatment of such genetic pinch is some medicines that can be taken from a doctor's advice and 90% of men stop hair loss.

Unfortunately, we can not fight with nature in this case, both men and women face hair lightweight, and after 30 years of age hair growth slowly and thickness. Today, there are medicines available, lotion and hair transplant options available for prevention from which any therapist can help you.

In stress Hair loss is very low , but one kind of hair is affected by it. However, if they have a tremendous effect on hair, they get too thin. This solution is to get rid of reasons for stress, but this is not possible if it is possible to exercise mental abilities and exercises as usual.


Like every part of the body, the hair needs to grow healthy and also keep healthy, sudden weight loss, iron level decreases or poor food, but often on temporary basis Is. The solution is hidden in healthy and balanced diet, including protein, iron, zinc etc.

If your hair is tall and you tightly bind them with something, the hair roots as well as harm the hair, and the journey towards the hair loss increases.


The hair may result in hair loss due to hair loss and resulting in hair loss and temporarily experiencing hair loss. If you are worried about irritation, consult the doctor so that they can suggest some kind of treatment. In this case of hair, the hair's growth comes on a normal basis.

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