Hair Care Tips Every Man Should Follow This Winter Season

How are you enjoying the winter weather? To be honest, there are a lot many things to enjoy in winters except a few. We know, you would have jumped straight to your dry skin. But, oh boy, we wish it was just that. Itchy scalp, tangled hair and increased hair fall, sound familiar? Yes, these are some of the hair issues we face during the winter season and it is not a great idea to leave the issue untreated.

hair care for men during winter

Taking steps to care for your hair is not something that men usually do. The misconception that the short hair doesn't need managing might be a reason for that. But, the harsh winters is not the time to be careless. We are not telling you to start a hair care routine. Today, we are talking to you about some effective tips you can follow to keep your hair healthy and strong during the winters. Here we go.

You Shampoo Might Be The Issue

A shampoo is a hair care product that we apply directly on our scalp. And if the shampoo is too harsh on your scalp, it can damage your hair. Remember, a happy scalp equals happy hair. So, shift to the organic and mild shampoos that are soft on the scalp.

Oil Your Hair

Your scalp, just like your skin, becomes dry during the winter. And so, it is important to keep it nourished and moisturised to maintain healthy hair. Oiling is one of the best ways to do that. Massage some coconut, olive or almond oil on your scalp, leave it on for about an hour or two and wash it off later.

Let Your Hair Air Dry

We understand how tiring waiting for your hair to dry in the chilling winters can be. We tend to lose patience and use a blow dryer to just get it done with. We suggest you not do that. It not only damages your tresses but exposing your scalp to too much heat can cause itchy scalp, weaken the roots of your hair and thus lead to hair fall.

Conditioning The Hair Is Important

Conditioning your hair is like applying a protective shield on your hair to prevent it from damage. It keeps the elasticity and moisture of your tresses intact. So, every time you shampoo your hair follow it up with a nourishing conditioner.

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A Head Gear Is A Must

Hats and caps not only make a style statement but also protect your skin from the harsh winter weather. It will act as a guard against the cold winter winds, the AC in your workplace or home and the harmful rays of the sun. So, before you step out, put on a hat and you are covered.

Give The Hair Gels A Break

The hair gels you are so fond of and use on an everyday basis to style your hair, they damage your hair. Hair gels dehydrate your hair and cause various hair issues. And the cold winter winds aggravate the issue. So, say no to the everyday application of hair gels and give your hair a break.

Get Your Hair Trimmed

If you feel that even your shorter hair is getting tangled a lot, it is the time to think about trimming your hair. Short hair will experience less hair fall and you will be chopping off your damaged mane.

Load Up On Those Essential Nutrients

Keep your diet in check during the winter season. Your diet has quite an impact on your hair health. Eat healthily and drink plenty of water. Avoid junk, oily and high sugar food as much as you can. It is not only important for your hair health but your overall health as well.

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