Deodorants And Perfumes: Dos & Don’ts

Deodorants and perfumes are widely used either alternately or even at the same time. But should you use these two things together? What are the dos and don’ts you must follow while using deodorants and perfumes? Although both of them belong to the same family they are of different genres. As rule, perfumes are much more concentrated than deodorants as the oil concentration in deodorants is very low. That is the reason the deodorants fade away very quickly while the fragrance of perfumes lasts longer.
What To Do And Avoid While Using Deodorants & Perfumes
Deodorants are sprayed only on the skin and should not be sprayed on hair and clothes. Instead, to ensure more lasting performance, it should be sprayed on clothes and even hair and skin. Perfumes do not help in controlling body odours or sweat. That is why people prefer using deodorants in day time and perfumes during the night when you sweat less.
Deodorants are antiperspirants and restrict body odour developed due to excessive sweating. These are applied to armpits to prevent sweat and maintain the level of body odour. Since armpits are the smelliest part of the body deodorants are mostly applied in this area.
Perfumes, on the other hand, give your personality a fragrance and magical envelope around you but cannot restrict the body odour. So it should be avoided during hot days when you sweat excessively. During such days only deodorants can help.
For making the scent last longer you must target the areas where the blood vessels are placed very close to the surface of the skin. It includes the backs of knees, back of the neck, ankles, and calves. Other good spots are décolletage and belly which work as good fragrance diffusing areas due to the warmth generated there.
To ensure that the scent in deodorant and perfume lasts longer, apply moisturizer in the skin folds as the scent will evaporate quickly if you have dry skin.

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