Burning incense (Dhoop) in the home eliminates many problems, click to

Often you have seen that incense is applied in homes, which also has great spiritual significance. There are many types of incense, one of which is Guggul. For this, first, light a kanda. Then for some time when its coals remain, then put a Guggul on it. This will cause a fragrant smoke to spread throughout the house. This eliminates many of your problems. Today we are going to tell you the amazing benefits of Guggul Dhoop. So let's know about them.

1. If you have any kind of tension or worry, then Guggul's sun will get relief. It also leads to good sleep at night.

2. It is said that this sunlight attracts parlokik or divine powers and the person gets help from them. Apply its incense on a temple or mausoleum on Thursday. This incense should be given only for the gods

3. With the aroma of googles, where your brain pain and related diseases are destroyed. It is also considered beneficial in heart pain.

4. Keeping cleanliness in the house, sprinkle cow urine in the house with peepal leaves for 7 days and then burn pure Guggal incense. If someone has done something in the house, then it will go away.

5. Burning of Kande in the house on any day once a week, giving fumigation of Guggul or Guggal cools down the house discord.

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