Beware, these things kept in copper vessels can be very dangerous.

Everyone knows how beneficial it is to drink water kept in a copper vessel, but do you know that there are some things that can be dangerous for health and keeping it in the copper vessel? Come, let's know...

1. Curd: - Putting curd in a copper vessel and consuming it can be harmful to your health. This can cause you food poisoning and problems such as astringent taste, nervousness or nausea.

2. Lemon: - If you keep lemon juice, lemonade or lemon in any form in a copper vessel, the acid in it interacts with copper, which can be harmful to you.

3. Vinegar: - Vinegar is a kind of acidic substance, and if you put it in or with a copper vessel, the chemical reaction caused by their combination can have a very harmful effect on your health.

4. Pickle: - Vinegar is also used in pickles, so never use it in a copper vessel. Apart from this, the sourness in the pickle, combined with copper, acts as a poison for your health.

5. Buttermilk: - Use of buttermilk is beneficial for health, but never use it in a copper vessel.

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