We do every possible thing to stay healthy; we avoid certain things that can harm our body, mind or spirit. See 7 things you should quit doing on the off chance that you need to be healthy for the long term.
1. Six pack abs – The young brigade is hitting the gym frequently these days. The purpose isn’t to stay healthy but to look good on the tag of fitness.
To attain six pack abs one needs to have less than 10% body fat. However, for healthy body doctors recommend the body fat to be no lesser than 10-15% for men and 16-20% for women.
Health hazards: Lower fat levels in the body can have adverse effects on the body such as
- Hormonal imbalance
- Weaker immune system
- Reduced bladder control
- Inadequate cushioning around the joints and organs which increases the risk of injury
2. Size zero – The diet plan followed to get the zero measurements is rigorous. While the actresses and models maintain that for their work code and requirement of certain shots. The audience gets under the enormous influence to want to look good as they do in a few frames which are also well edited.
Losing that amount of fat requires workout and right diet expert which can guide you to eat the right food at the right time so that the body gets a sufficient amount of nutrition to function. But most girls prefer to stop eating at all to be able to reach that target considering their busy routine life too. To have a curvy slim desirable figure maybe a priority in the kind of beauty standards society or our minds has constructed but not at the stake of our health.
Health hazards:
- Malnutrition
- Osteoporosis
- Anorexia
3. Smoking/ Alcohol: There are many reasons a person starts to smoke or consume alcohol. It may begin with curiosity leading to a belief that strong men smoke and drink a symbol of masculinity to become a habit you cannot let go as a way of handling stress. The youth even finds it to be cool to smoke a cigarette or tried a different kind of alcohol such for the sake of show off.
Health hazard:
- Risk of heart disease increases
- Cancers of lung, kidney, throat, mouth etc
- Damaging skin and hair
- Poor oral hygiene
4. Riding two-wheeler vehicles without a helmet – While we are driving our hair gets all the dirt and sunlight leading to hair breakage. Washing hair often to keep it clean from the dirt in the environment damages it. Wearing a helmet also causes hair damage but if you use a cloth in between the helmet and your hair it can give safety to your head from any serious injury as well.
Health hazards:
- Hair loss/ damage
- Brain damage
5. Not oiling & styling hair too much – We love to try different hair colours and styles. Always up to experiment something new to our hair that can go well with a new addition in our wardrobe. We use a lot of chemicals to clean and style our hair but it also damages the natural essence of it. Our hair needs to be strong and smooth which can only happen by nurturing it with good oil. Oils that contain coconut, sesame, neem, lavender, castor, sweet almond provide a lot of nutrition to the hair. Aroma musk is one such brand which has a wide range of hair oil products consisting of all of these ingredients.
Health hazards:
- Dry scalp
- Hair fall and quality damage
- Dandruff
- Hair thinning
6. Excess of Maggi and aerated drinks – A healthy diet routine should have 3 or 4 meals a day. Sometimes while snacking we consume junk food like Maggi noodles and also soda drinks. It has occupied in our lifestyle with easy availability that we often replace it with our lunch or dinner too. The purpose of consuming such food is to subside hunger quickly without any consideration of nutrition. Such foods cause a lot of damage to our body with the presence of sodium and artificial sweetener. It may contain lead and monosodium glutamate which aren’t edible. Drinks also contain chemicals and acids.
Health hazards: Risk of high blood pressure
- Metabolic disorder
- Obesity
- Chances of diabetes
Our activities influence our well being and it further influences our appearance. In the event that we develop a healthy of life, we won't just simply have incredible hair, skin and body, in addition, a merry life as well.