Different climates, different hair types, many hair problems and here are pretty good tricks. We’ve found many hair care and styling tips and tricks for you which proved to work best from round the globe. These were given by hair stylists.

Here are the top 5 Homemade Beauty Tips for Hair to follow based on your hair problem, you can have healthy, long, nourished and gorgeous hair.

* Cold Water Rinse

If you are used to hot water bath then try to make a small change. After taking bath, turn off the hot water tap and rinse your hair well with cold water. This will close the shaft and thus reflects more light resulting and shiny hair.

* Towel-Dry Hair

If you use blow drying method to dry your hair, then it’s probably the time to change. Use a terry towel to wrap your wet hair and leave it till the hair dries. This helps in giving healthy hair.

* Avoid Blow-Dryer For Good Hair

Blow drying isn’t healthy for hair especially in the summers. Set your hair in Velcro rollers to dry hair and enjoy the bouncy waves.

* Chamomile Rinse For Hair Loss Control

Take few chamomile flowers and boil it in water for few minutes. Let it cool for some time and then strain the water. Rinse your hair with this water. This prevents fading of blond hair.

* Onion Rinse For Hair Care

Planning neutral blond highlights? Then boil yellow onion skin in water and rinse your hair with this water. For blond color rinse, you have to boil 6 onions in 4 cups of water and rinse with iit.